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  May 25, 2016   by CARS Magazine

Penray MAF sensor cleaner

2520 Mass Air Flow Sensor CleanerPenray Inc. has introduced its new cleaner for mass air flow (MAF) sensors, part number 2520.

While there are other MAF sensor cleaners on the market, this new formula is designed to be plastic-friendly.

It is well known that the delicate fine wire that senses the flow of air entering the induction system is subject to contamination. Dust, oily vapors, and other contaminants can collect on this very fine wire, forming a layer of insulation that can cause it to provide inaccurate information to the car’s engine management computer.

Results of a contaminated MAF sensor manifest themselves as rough idle, hesitation, poor gas mileage and, in many cases, the appearance of a check engine light. The cost of new replacement MAF sensors can run as much as four hundred dollars or more. So the use of an effective cleaning product is a viable alternative and a valuable service to the customer.

The attachment point for the mass air flow sensor is usually a small plastic clip. Often aggressive solvents, like typical carburetor cleaners, can damage delicate plastic pieces. Penray 2520 is designed to effectively clean the sensitive component without harming plastics, coatings or adhesives.

“Poor engine performance or degraded fuel economy can often be traced to a contaminated MAF sensor fine wire, especially when it reaches the point where it causes a check engine light to illuminate,” said Mark Kardon, director of marketing,  “Adding the use of this simple-to-use product to routine maintenance restores the performance of the wire and sensor, preventing the huge expense of a new sensor assembly.”

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