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  October 20, 2015   by CARS Magazine

OTC Tools’ line of hydraulic flow kits

4278 100GPM MeterOTC Tools has released a new line of hydraulic flow meters, flow blocks and kits with increased flow capacity and more accurate measurements for technicians.

The updated equipment is designed to handle more testing needs and eliminate spillage in over-pressure situations for applications such as industrial, construction and agricultural machinery.

A new set of flow meters, P/N 4277 with 50 gallons per minute (gpm) and P/N 4278 with a 100 gpm capacity, can accommodate bi-directional flow.

In addition, the 4278 can measure flow in both directions and pressure on the high pressure side. An electronic, fluid-filled gauge dampens vibration and measures flow to within 1 percent of indicated value on 4278 and a mechanical gauge measures within 4 percent of full scale on the 4277. An inner pass system on each meter eliminates hydraulic fluid spills in overpressure conditions with integrated, internal burst discs.

In conjunction with the 4292 digital readout, two new flow blocks, the 4290 16 gpm and the 4291 100 gpm, allow remote testing of hydraulic flow.

Two separate kits are available:

  • 4285 Hydraulic Flow Kit, includes 4291 100 gpm flow block with loading valve, 4292 digital readout and 573295 long cable and hose set for flow, temperature and pressure.
  • 4294 Deluxe Hydraulic Flow Kit, includes a case, 4290 16 gpm flow block, 4291 100 gpm flow block with loading valve, 4292 digital readout, 573296 short cable for flow and temperature, 573295 long cable and hose for flow, temperature and pressure.

OTC backs each flow meter with a five-year warranty from date of purchase.