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  October 2, 2015   by Steve Pawlett

New Hella PAGID High Carbon Disc Brake Rotor Program


Hella Pagid Brake Systems  has launched a new line of Hella Pagid High Carbon Disc Brake Rotors. These new rotors are designed to deliver motorsports performance and reliability in a wide range of everyday road vehicles. Using OE specifications, Hella Pagid is able to provide exact fit and finish, while providing better material content to give customers more confidence in the stopping power of their vehicles.

hella pagid

Hella Pagid  offers 282 part numbers and covers 8,708 applications for a total of 15,600,000 vehicles now on the road.  Hella Pagid plans to increase the range with more extensions every six months.

Because density plays a major part in noise absorption, the Hella Pagid High Carbon Rotors deliver the maximum density per rotor possible for silent brake operation. The rotors also provide better heat transfer for a cooler running brake system, which is fundamental in reducing brake fade.

Hella Pagid relies on rigorous microstructure inspections and specialized foundry processes to produce a rotor that controls the stress more efficiently to maintain a high level of friction consistency. These same processes reduce the risk of stress cracks and permanent deformation (warping).

Hella Pagid High Carbon Rotors are coated to ensure corrosion protection. Corrosion causes cooling issues and wheel fitment issues that can lead to service comebacks. The rotors come ready to install right out of the box, eliminating the need for brake clean to degrease the rotors and any additional prep time for installation.

Hella Pagid High Carbon Rotors are sold individually and packaged in a protective plastic bag as one unit per box. It Includes mounting instructions and mounting hardware, if required.

More information is available from the Hella Pagid BrakeGuide, which can be viewed as an online catalogue at: and downloaded as an app on both iOS and Android mobile devices.


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