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  June 12, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Mass airflow sensors


Blue Streak Electronics says its new Mass Airflow Sensor lineup incorporates the CERAMIC PCB’s to provide the very best product with the added enhancements:

  • Resistors are digitally calibrated for optimal precision
  • Superior thermal stability under even the most extreme under-the-hood temperature changes
  • Higher consistency in voltage readings at all rpms
  • More efficient heat dissipation to extend the service life of the component
  • Double binding for improved sensor reliability
  • Re-imagining the Reman to make it ORIGINAL

Remanufacturing is the process of taking used parts, completely disassembling and thoroughly cleaning them, replacing the worn components with original quality components, and restoring them to their original function.

The testing and procedures are the same as the original equipment manufacturers.

By fixing and improving components regularly, we know which are the vulnerable parts that need improvement, and can product future demand.

The company says each and every one of its mass airflow sensors is precision calibrated to exacting OEM specifications and rigorously tested to excel in engine efficiency and performance. Available remanufactured and new, the company’s extensive application coverage of makes, models, and years is ready to provide the most efficient MAF solution.


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