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  March 5, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Mass airflow sensor

Blue Streak Electronics has released new Mass Airflow Sensors featuring double binding ceramic circuit board for an advanced upgrade in precision and performance.

Blue Streak Electronics says it is another example of how it adopts the latest developments that advance and improve automotive hardware.

The new Mass Airflow Sensor feature a number of enhancements:

  • Resistors are digitally calibrated for optimal precision
  • Superior thermal stability under even the most extreme under-the-hood temperature changes
  • Higher consistency in voltage readings at all rpms
  • More efficient heat dissipation to extend the service life of the component
  • Double binding for improved sensor reliability.

For an engine to run at peak performance, it must be tuned to optimal efficiency. Just like a star marathon runner, properly balanced air/fuel ratio intake keeps the engine “breathing” at its best to achieve the highest performance.

Every Blue Streak Electronics sensor is precision calibrated to exacting OEM specifications and rigorously tested to excel in engine efficiency and performance.

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