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  April 22, 2014   by CARS Magazine

Improve Performance with Rislone Gas Treatment

Rislone Gas Treatment conditions fuel to prevent gum and varnish buildup. It helps gasoline burn cleanly, which improves performance and extends engine life. One super-concentrated 177 mL bottle should be used with every fill-up to maintain optimum efficiency. Gas Treatment (P/N 34777) comes packaged in Rislone’s EZ NozzleTM/MC bottle, which is built to perform better than standard additive bottles. The patent-pending EZ Nozzle bottle features a built-in flow valve that prevents spills by giving users time to properly insert the bottle into the fuel filler neck. EZ Nozzle is also designed to work with capless or obstructed fuel systems. When inserted into a capless tank, the EZ Nozzle opens the fuel system safety door and allows the additive to flow in smoothly. Rislone Gas Treatment works with all gasoline types, including flex fuel and ethanol blends. It is compatible with fuel-injected, turbo, direct-injected and carbureted engines.