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  September 25, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Glowing green motor oil


Liqui Moly’s Molygen motor oils help auto repair shops turn a normal oil change into a special service

These are motor oils that really stand out from the crowd – not only technically, but also in terms of colour. Liqui Moly Molygen motor oils are bright green. With them, auto repair shops can set themselves apart from the competition and impress its customers.

The green colour is related to the special wear protection technology of Molygen motor oils. Special “friction modifiers” are used. These are chemical ingredients that smooth the metal surfaces in the motor and even out microscopically small bumps. This reduces friction in the engine and therefore fuel consumption, too. They also provide protection from wear and tear. In fact, compared to conventional motor oil of the same quality, they reduce wear and tear by up to 30 percent.

This is particularly important in urban traffic with its many start-stop phases. When the motor stops at the lights, the lubrication also stops. This means there is a risk of increased wear at the next start. This is where the extra protection by Molygen pays off. This protection increases the service life of the motor and reduces the risk of breakdowns and repairs.

Beyond their technical properties, Liqui Moly’s Molygen oils are also a good marketing tool for auto repair shops. Many of their customers do not have a special relationship with oil. It is put into the engine, does its work there in secret, and has to be changed at some point. The unique green colour of the Molygen oils will surprise the drivers when they are allowed to watch the filling process. Together with the explanation that the green stands for special wear protection, the workshop can offer an oil change that turns the exchangeable service into something special. This reduces price pressure and strengthens customer loyalty.

The Molygen oils are available in a wide range of viscosities, from a thin 0W-20 to a thick 5W-50. To find out which oil is the right one, simply click on the oil guide of Liqui Moly. There you only have to enter the make, model and engine and you will get an overview of the suitable oils.

This is important, because nowadays oils are like liquid spare parts that have to fit the corresponding engine exactly. Using the wrong oil is like installing the wrong replacement part. In extreme cases, the engine may suffer total failure after only a few miles.

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