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  September 4, 2019   by Renee Montague

Gas can covers

DEI understands how excessive heat can reduce fuel efficiency, so they now offer an easy and affordable solution with a full line of reflective fuel can covers to ensure longer fuel shelf life and performance.

DEI’s reflective fuel can covers, now available in six popular sizes, reflect radiant heat to keep fuel stable and fresh throughout the day –  especially critical for new generation oxygenated fuels.

DEI’s reflective can covers can be stored outside in paddocks and will protect a racer’s expensive investment in quality race fuel for optimum performance at the track.

Developed of lightweight, reflective material, the covers feature sewn-in pull tabs for quick and easy removal, with velcro flaps to provide a secure fit. 

Current size configurations include:

  • #010467, Reflective Round Cover (5 gallon)
  • #010471 Reflective Fuel Jug Cover (For 5 gallon VP square fuel jug)
  • #010484 Reflective Fuel Drum Cover (For 54 gallon metal fuel can)
  • #010489 Reflective Fuel Jug Cover (For 5 gallon VP plastic round jug)
  • #010498 Reflective Fuel Can Cover (For 11 gallon metal dump can)
  • #010033 Reflective Fuel Can Cover (For 5 gallon Scribner plastic square jug)

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