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  July 10, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Flexible fuel lines


Replacing a corroded fuel line is often a frustrating job. Original equipment fuel lines are often difficult to re-route under the vehicle. And while braided steel fuel lines are available in pieces or in bulk, they still require significant work to get them ready for installation. These Dorman OE FIX lines are flexible stainless steel, cut to the full length of the original on specific vehicles, with connectors for the easiest possible installation. By enabling a faster installation that’s more reliable, they are better in every way than traditional solutions.

Ready to Install – Already cut to exact application-specific length with all brackets and connectors

Full length – These aren’t just a piece; it’s the exact length of the entire line, but flexible so it’s easier to route than a rigid line, saving replacement time

Upgraded materials – High-strength, corrosion-resistant, braided stainless steel protects nylon hose for reliable longevity

Ideal for stocking – Reduced box size and SKU consolidation maximizes revenue per square foot

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