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  March 5, 2018   by Danielle Oswald

Cardone releases hundreds of new parts

Cardone has released new parts in the month of January. These parts are throttle bodies, velocity drive axels, parking brake motors, and premium coated calipers.  

Throttle Bodies – The throttle bodies include a throttle position sensor and articulation for reliable and consistent performance. The part is also made up of housing, a throttle plate, a plastic cover with integrated electronics and position sensors, a throttle actuator motor, and a throttle plate return spring.  

Constant Velocity Drive Axle – The CV drive axle can withstand high-temperatures and high-torque demands and is made to resist bellow stress and ozone cracking. It has a new axle nut supplied with every unit, boot clamps are pneumatically crimped for a seal between the boot and housing, and splines are rolled to ensure proper fit of axle into the mating hub and transmission.  

Parking Brake Motors – The parking brake motors include amhardware kit, IPlug connector and housing material, an ultrasonic sealed unit for prolonged life of internal components, and a universal fit for left or right-side on most applications.  

Ultra Premium Coated Calipers – The ultra premium coated calipers have SAE specific rubber seals, new banjo bolts, trouble-free bleeding, a positive seal with new bleeder screws, and plastic cap plug-in brake port lines for protection in installation.  


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