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  December 19, 2019   by Allan Janssen

Cabin Air Filters

The Mahle CareMetix cabin air filters incorporate S5 broadband technology to protect against harmful and allergenic substances, while eliminating odours that conventional cabin air filters cannot.

CareMetix filters feature five layers of protection to eliminate odor, pollen, soot and fine particulates. The filters are constructed with S5 broadband technology that encompasses a high-performance particulate filter layer, a molecular layer, an engineered activated carbon layer, a bio-functional layer with activated carbon, and a protective layer.

Mahle CareMetix cabin air filters incorporate an anti-bacterial coating; removing harmful micro-organisms and preventing them from spreading throughout the filter material. CareMetix filters also remove mold spores and prevent mold build-up on the filter itself.

“When a vehicle is in operation, more than 3,500 cubic feet of air are swept into the cabin every hour. The only barrier against pollution is the filter in the ventilation system,” said Jon Douglas, president, Mahle Aftermarket Inc. “Since most people spend a lot of time in their car, installing Mahle CareMetix cabin air filters ensures that the air they breathe is both pleasant and healthy.”


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