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  February 5, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Air filter for Mercedes

Although it’s said that too much power is never enough, the good folk at ITG know how accomplished the fearsome AMG range of V8 turbo engines have become. Devastatingly potent and almost effortless in forward propulsion, these cars as known for their rear wheel drive, slightly unhinged savagery. Generally enthusiast-owned, they’re cars that are primed for further modification to extract even more excitement from this ferocious duo of Stuttgart / Affalterbach favourites.

Hence the development of HMP-939, a drop in ProFilter that promises to deliver the intake charge to benefit the entire rev range. Suitable for the 2013 on W222 and V222 (S63 AMG) and the W213 / S213 (E63 AMG) with the 5.5-litre turbocharged V8 (M157 engine) onboard.

Fitting a ProFilter is a straightforward job that’s easily achievable at home using basic hand tools, this reticulated foam intake kit makes all of the difference to air flow and filtration preventing particles from entering the engine while providing free flowing intake air that is chilled and filtered to perfection.

Owners of the above vehicles can now benefit from ITG’s decades of induction expertise, with the firm having announced the continued expansion of its ProFilter range to cater to the most diverse range of vehicles. Aside from the increase in power, there are improvements with throttle response and a pleasing, yet unobtrusive increase in intake noise as the filter is still contained within the factory airbox.

A specially created reticulated polyester foam blend optimised for high-performance applications, Tri-Foam is the material of choice for all ITG filters thanks to its multifaceted abilities. These include maximised air-flow without a corresponding drop-off in pressure, enhanced cleaning efficiency with a proven ability to trap common airborne contaminants, and impressive dust load-up tolerance. The latter ensures that ITG ProFilters can absorb a large amount of fine dust without reducing air flow capacity or efficiency. This dust load-up tolerance remains a firm reason why ITG stick with the reticulated foam construction technique, with each filter lovingly put together by hand thanks to a workforce of certified petrolheads.

Tri-Foam’s abilities stem from its advanced construction, with varying thicknesses of finer or coarser foams utilised for different applications. This in turn gives ITG huge flexibility and allows ITG’s engineers to tailor filters to set fitments, maximising efficiency and performance. Tri-Foam filters consist of a stainless-steel wire mesh, a coarse outer-layer (designed to both prevent ingress from foreign bodies and straighten airflow), a medium grade mid-layer to trap most of the harmful dirt, and a fine inner layer, the last line of defence against minute, particle sized contaminants.

What’s more, because it uses the very latest adhesive technologies to bond the foam layers, ITG filter assemblies are totally resistant to water, fumes, oils and fuels – including the exotic brews used in racing.

The Profilter’s ability to filter down to a particle level is highly significant, both from a performance perspective and the continued health of Mercedes’ seriously lusty petrol engines.

ITG has been at the vanguard of filtration and induction technology for decades now, with a burgeoning motorsport program which sees it tasked with supplying some of the front running teams in series as diverse as F1, the BTCC and the WRC. Being involved with said championships means ITG is privy to all manner of hard-won data, the kind that’s proved invaluable both when it comes to developing new fitment options and finessing existing ones. This ensures that ITG hardware doesn’t merely look the part, it contributes to enhanced levels of filtration and a smooth, restriction-free induction tract, all borne from its commitment to motor racing. As a first step to building the rear wheel shredding ability of these AMG big hitters, there’s no need to look elsewhere.


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