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  July 10, 2019   by Renee Montague

Air filter

Mann + Hummel has introduced a new air Mann Filter C 25 024 for commercial vehicles.

The air filter offers good water stability, a separation efficiency of 99.9% with ISO-certified test dust, and a dirt holding capacity of up to 2.2 pounds of particulate matter.

A spiral wound strip ensures grip protection through its tight winding in the upper filter area and the folds of the filter are stabilized to prevent them “packeting” (clumping together in a block) during operation so that the full filter surface area is maintained.

An important feature of the new air filter is the patented sealing lip at the lower end plate.

The air filter is changed by pulling the filter upwards out of the housing, releasing an opening at the bottom of the housing.

If the filter housing is so badly soiled that it needs to be rinsed with water, the impurities can drain through this opening.

The new filter is inserted with the help of a mechanical guide to ensure that it is securely seated in the correct position.

“In order for the air filter system to be tight again during operation, we developed a sealing lip in the bottom end plate of the Mann Filter C 25 024 air filter that seals the dirt discharge opening,” says Pascal Neef, engineer in automotive aftermarket air filters at Mann + Hummel.

The metal-free filter element means that the new C 25 024 is completely incinerable, and thus permits environmentally friendly disposal.



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