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  June 26, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Air conditioning condenser

Installed in an exposed position at the vehicle front, air conditioning condensers are at greater risk of damage. This is far more than just a comfort issue, because a reliably functioning air conditioning system is essential, especially for hybrid or electric vehicles, whose batteries and power electronics have to be cooled. In these vehicles, failure may result in the vehicle coming to a standstill or damage to components. With its 21 logistics centers worldwide, Mahle reliably meets global demand for air conditioning condensers from independent workshops.

“The increasing prevalence of hybrid and electric vehicles is changing the significance of the air conditioning service. This is resulting in higher service volumes for the workshops,” says Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager Mahle Aftermarket. “When workshops educate people about the importance of the air conditioning service, they are protecting their customers’ vehicles from damage and ensuring they remain mobile. Of course, Mahle supports the workshops by supplying information material, training, and our proven A/C service and diagnostics solutions,” Henning continues.

The purpose of the air conditioning condenser is to cool down and liquefy the refrigerant that has become heated during compression in the air conditioning compressor. The hot refrigerant gas flows into the condenser, discharging heat to the surroundings via the pipe and fins. As a result of the cooling, the refrigerant then leaves the air conditioning condenser in a liquid state. A defect in the air conditioning condenser will reduce cooling capacity or even cause the entire air conditioning system to fail. It often also results in the condenser fan running continuously. If such a defect is suspected, workshops are advised to check for leaks, contamination, and damage and to perform a pressure test on the high- and low-pressure sides.

In 2020, its anniversary year, Mahle Aftermarket has approximately 1,200 different air conditioning condensers for passenger cars, delivery vans, and commercial vehicles in its range. When purchasing, Mahle Aftermarket’s customers benefit from its extensive expertise in the OEM business, 100 years of experience in the development and production of components for vehicles, and more than 30 years of experience in the area of AC service.


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