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  January 28, 2020   by Allan Janssen

ADAS Calibration

New vehicles are coming equipped with more and more ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features. While these drivers’ aids or safety systems provide many benefits to vehicle owners, they present many challenges to shops servicing these vehicles unless they have the right equipment on hand. The new Hofmann EZ-ADAS system is the ideal solution for shops that want to add ADAS sensor calibration to the services they offer and expand their business by servicing ADAS-equipped vehicles.

“ADAS sensors require recalibration if the position of the sensors are disturbed in any way. While services like repairing a bumper or a sensor replacement can be obvious, other services like wheel alignment, suspension angle adjustments or a simple tire change may not be evident, resulting in inadequate system communication, causing ADAS to operate improperly and leading to a malfunction of the vehicle,” said Jeff Szuba, vice president of sales for Hofmann. “With ADAS becoming increasingly more common in newer vehicles and the need for sensor calibration growing exponentially, Hofmann EZ-ADAS can help shops service these advanced vehicle systems, providing a more complete service experience to their customers.”

Featuring a unique centerline setup process that is highly accurate and easy to operate, the space-saving Hofmann EZ-ADAS system includes all the required hardware and target components that cover a wide range of makes and models. EZ-ADAS simplifies the calibration process, eliminates the need for expensive tools and integrates easily into a shop’s current environment, working with existing alignment equipment and diagnostic scan tools with ADAS coverage.

“For shops evaluating new equipment purchases, adding the Hofmann EZ-ADAS calibration system is a sound investment. Not only does it enable shops to expand service offerings, but it allows shops to compete more effectively by performing profitable ADAS-related jobs with ease, speed and accuracy,” said Szuba.

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