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  January 23, 2020   by Allan Janssen

ADAS calibration

The new John Bean EZ-ADAS system is billed as the perfect solution for shops to expand their business by servicing ADAS-equipped vehicles.

The system features a unique centerline setup process that is highly accurate and easy to operate, including all the required hardware and target components to cover a wide range of makes and models that simplify the repair process and eliminates the need for expensive tools. John Bean EZ-ADAS easily integrates with a shop’s processes, working with existing alignment equipment and diagnostic scan tools with ADAS coverage.

“There are several causes for why a car would need ADAS recalibration. Some are evident, such as replacing a windshield, but even repairs like wheel alignments, tire size changes or changed suspension angles can influence the ability of the vehicle to perform correctly,” said Jeff Szuba, vice president of sales for John Bean. “ADAS systems are becoming increasingly common in newer vehicles and will continually gain more ground in the industry, and John Bean has the solution to help shops calibrate and service these advanced vehicle systems.”

He said an investment in a comprehensive calibration system is a wise choice for shops evaluating new equipment purchases.

“It not only allows shops to compete more effectively in today’s advanced repair environment, but it also lets them expand services offered and perform more of these profitable jobs quickly, easily and accurately,” Szuba said.


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