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News   July 4, 2016   by Steve Pawlett

New Vehicle Safety Inspection Standard Effective July 1, 2016



On July 1, 2016, the Ministry of Transportation is introducing a new safety inspection standard that will modernize the inspection of passenger and light duty vehicles in Ontario for all Safety Standard Certificate inspections.

Vehicle technology has changed considerably over the last 40 years and standard features including items like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and airbags are not covered in the current inspection standard.  These systems save lives, reduce injury and assist in preventing collisions, but only if they function properly. Individuals purchase vehicles with this technology to protect themselves and their families and they need to know that it works.

The new Passenger/Light Duty Vehicle Inspection Standard is considerably more comprehensive, technically up-to-date and more user friendly than the existing standard and was developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders.  The new standard includes a more comprehensive inspection of vehicle components directly related to the safe operation of the vehicle. In addition, every vehicle will be road tested to enable the detection of safety concerns which may not be found while the vehicle is stationary.  The new standard will also provide consumers with a report of the vehicle condition at time of inspection to better inform them.

A summary of the major changes is available on the website:

The full list of changes is available at:


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8 Comments » for New Vehicle Safety Inspection Standard Effective July 1, 2016
  1. bill says:

    good idear ns should have mandatory test drive for mvi

  2. Allan Watt says:

    This legislation should be revoked. It’s just a millennium generation effect. Don’t fix (cause no one knows how anymore); replace. THEY ARE SILENTLY FORCING THE IDEA THAT EVERYONE SHOULD FOLLOW THE TREND AND BUY A NEW CAR. This is to help promote sales in the automotive sector and support the local economy. The old certification system worked fine. Brakes, steering and lights work…….your car passes. We have went from minimum safety requirements to MAXIMUM safety requirements. Really MTO?

  3. Debra Taylor says:

    I have a 18 year old car and I live in albertà. I will be moving to Ontario in May do I need an inspection and do I have 3 months. I’m so confused.

  4. Gord Gimbert says:

    Regulations re tires,i have a 56 ford with 16 yr. old tires (approx.)They very low mileage very little tread wear and no cracking or weather checking. What are the regulations re age??
    Thank you

  5. Sheril says:

    So …son just got his car back from a safety. Got safety certificate. Drove it for half hour and front tirre flew off. Lucky not on highway.
    Mechanic says its my sons fault because he was the last one to have tire off. I brought car to him to make sure it was safe. He admitted that they did not remove tires so he had no reason to tighten.
    I understand that a safety inspection SHOULD include checking tires…..removing them….
    Please comment… is mechanics fault they SHOULD be responsible for damage and the terrible scare it gave my 17 year old in his first car.

  6. Allan, that’s because anti-lock brakes, air bags and traction/stability control never existed when the regulation was made. These systems are in place to save your conspiracy theorist hide when you drive home drunk from the bar.

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