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News   November 21, 2017   by Adam Malik

New platform for e-catalogues

Need to browse a number catalogues quickly? There’s a platform for that.

NetCom has unveiled its new catalogue platform called Netcom.Parts. Whether it’s a jobber or service technician, anyone can sign up for free and browse hundreds of catalogues from all of the major brands in North and South America, the automotive e-catalogue provider announced.

“We have based our business model on free browsing to change the industry’s relationship to the electronic catalogue,” said Patrick Bousquet, co-founder and chief operating officer at Montreal-based NetCom.

“Unlike other providers, we don’t act as a bottleneck in the flow of information that is vital to our industry; we act as a facilitator. Our data and our users is what powers up our platform.”

The idea behind Netcom.Parts is to help jobber ease the bottleneck they may face during rush hour periods. The platform allows the listing of all products associated with a particular vehicle.

The site is also designed to be accessible through a mobile device. The 15-year-old company said new platform sends updated information within 48 hours.

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