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News   July 16, 2017   by Allan Janssen

THE NEW MOBILITY: In the face of disruption, attitude is everything

Automotive consultant James Carter examines the biggest threat to the traditional aftermarket in the face of a technological revolution: an attitude of denial and resistance.

The third in a series of articles by James Carter on how mobility is changing is now available at AutoServiceWorld.

“In the face of disruption, attitude is everything” examines one of the biggest dangers aftermarket companies will face as the rules of the market are completely rewritten over the next decade.

Carter argues that rather than seeing the new reality as an opportunity, some will be tempted to resist and deny. We’ve seen it before in other industries. It will surely happen in ours, he says.

Carter is a prominent automotive consultant in Canada, specializing in the quickly evolving field of “new mobility.” The series of exclusive articles, sponsored by Chevron, looks at trends that will impact the automotive service and repair industry, as well as parts manufacturing and distribution.

Among other topics, Carter will also discuss how autonomous vehicles are expected to change the repair landscape, the dominance of fleet business in new mobility (taxi-bots / ground drones), how new technology will create different mobility business models for ASPs, why fuel cells may begin to show the way forward, and how connected cars and forward-thinking ASPs will impact how consumers think about maintenance?

Check out Part 3 of the NEW MOBILITY SERIES here, and look for additional articles in the weeks to come… only at

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1 Comment » for THE NEW MOBILITY: In the face of disruption, attitude is everything
  1. Bob Ward says:

    Nothing new with this. It is made more important with the increase in automotive changes in today’s market. If business owners put their head in the sand more progressive shops will adapt to change and simply move past the old stagnant shops.

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