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News   September 15, 2017   by Allan Janssen

THE NEW MOBILITY: Autonomy and the aftermarket

In Part 6 of his exclusive series of articles, James Carters says driverless cars are closer than you think… and aftermarket shops need to get ready!

Automotive consultant James Carter has identified four potential impacts of autonomous vehicles on the automotive aftermarket.

Automotive service providers should expect to have more dealings with fleets, less with individual consumers, stop looking for collision work (because it won’t be there), and start studying the latest technology.

“An autonomous vehicle is expected to generate 1 terabyte of data per kilometre,” Carter writes. “ASPs will need to become familiar with this technology as soon as possible, and a good place to start will be to develop a complete understanding of the new advanced driver assist system (ADAS) features.”

It is the latest insight from Carter, the principal consultant at Toronto-based consultancy Vision Mobility.

Among other topics covered in this series, Carter discussed how autonomous vehicles are expected to change the repair landscape, the dominance of fleet business in new mobility (taxi-bots / ground drones), how new technology will create different mobility business models for ASPs, why fuel cells may begin to show the way forward, and how connected cars and forward-thinking ASPs will impact how consumers think about maintenance.

Check out Part 6 of the NEW MOBILITY SERIES here, and look for additional articles in the weeks to come… only at


THE NEW MOBILITY: Autonomous vehicles and the aftermarket


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