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News   July 17, 2018   by Adam Malik

New graphical e-catalogue from Epicor

Epicor is looking to help users boost accuracy, efficiency and sales through its new PartExpert GFX eCatalog interface. It’s now available for Epicor Vision and Epicor Eagle users.

Distributors, jobbers, service writers and others of any skill level can also enhance look-up efficiency and strengthen customer satisfaction.

“Parts providers have told us they are finding it difficult to attract seasoned counter professionals. The PartExpert GFX interface addresses this challenge by helping even the most inexperienced employees to quickly and easily find the right parts for every customer,” said Scott Thompson, senior vice president, automotive and business services at Epicor.

The interface enhances traditional, menu-driven lookup prompts with new, detailed system visualizations featuring embedded part intelligence. Rather than requiring keyed prompts to drill down to a specific part, the GFX interface allows users to more easily identify available aftermarket and original equipment parts represented within corresponding vehicle system diagrams. By clicking on the brake system visualization for a late-model import application, for example, the user will see an exploded view of all system components— rotors, calipers, brake pads, hardware, etc.—along with available original equipment (OE) and aftermarket part numbers. Clicking on a part within the exploded view automatically performs a catalogue lookup on that component.

This design helps users quickly visualize part location and design and identify related parts that might be needed to complete a repair. Product images, installation instructions, warranty details, and other value-added content also is available with a single click.

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