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News   May 9, 2019   by Allan Janssen

New Episode: Transform the culture of your business… and reap the rewards

Are you the architect of your own future? Or are you subject to the whims of change?

In the latest episode of Greenwood’s Garage, management consultant Bob Greenwood offers 10 policies that will radically transform your marketplace, and enhance your bottom result.

“A shop has a tremendous amount of influence in a marketplace,” Greenwood says, “if the business truly understands it can create a future.”

Focusing on price does not create a future for a shop. In fact, that will destroy a business. Instead, focusing on building a sustainable future starts with considering the culture of your business.

Catch Episode 2 of the latest season of Greenwood’s Garage exclusively at Auto Service World. And, as always, if you have a question for Bob, leave it in the comment box below and he’ll answer it.

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