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News   April 29, 2024   by Adam Malik

New belt drive products from Dayco

Dayco announced the launch of three new synchronous belt drive products for the North American industrial market. These offerings, available since early April, target major industrial applications, emphasizing significant energy and cost savings for users.

The product lineup is strategically categorized into good, better, and best options, allowing customers to choose from a broad spectrum of belts designed for various operational demands and environments.

The HT Power Belts, known for their durability and resistance to harsh conditions, maintain operational stability across temperatures from -4°F to 212°F. They are ideal for general industrial use due to their high strength and good flex durability.

The HT Power Plus Belts are tailored for high-load applications that require maximum operational safety and efficiency. These belts are reinforced to resist abrasion, wear, and extreme temperatures, making them suitable for high or low-speed operations.

For the most challenging environments, the HT Power Carbon Belts offer superior shock load and temperature resistance, perfect for replacing roller chains or converting V-belts in applications like pumps and material handling equipment. These belts stand out with their ability to handle intense mechanical stress and extreme temperatures ranging from -22°F to 266°F.

“There is a growing shift in the industry toward synchronous belts, and not just because of their amazing performance characteristics,” said Kristian Campbell, Industrial Products Manager, Dayco N.A. “Our customers are seeing a number of benefits by upgrading their facilities’ belt drives to run synchronous belts. There are significant opportunities for energy and cost savings in doing so, especially when these companies spend hundreds of thousands on electricity every month.”

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