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News   July 26, 2018   by Adam Malik

New ATE hydraulic control unit

Continental has introduced the ATE MK60 Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU). It eliminates the need to replace the entire brake control unit (ECU) when only the HCU needs replacement. Vehicle applications cover popular Volkswagen and Volvo models.

The ATE MK60 provides precise braking by repeatedly lowering and raising the brake pressure to increase driving safety and reduce overall wear. To help ensure greater safety in extreme conditions, the ATE MK60 HCU works to increase directional stability, provide better maneuverability, and deliver a shorter braking distance, especially in wet conditions. If the electronic unit fails, drivers will still be able to brake normally.

Installation requires removing the entire hydraulic and electronic control unit, replacing the old HCU with the new ATE MK60 HCU, and attaching it to the ECU.

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