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News   February 5, 2019   by Adam Malik

Navigating the new aftermarket in Greenwood’s Garage

The bus has left the station. You’re on it. But do you know where it’s going? And do you know who’s on there with you? Are they ready to take on what lies ahead?

Don’t know? You’re on the highway of the new independent aftermarket. Your staff are barrelling down the highway with you – if even one of them isn’t ready to be No. 1 in the business then it’s time pull them off to the side and let them out, says Bob Greenwood in the latest episode of Greenwood’s Garage: The Bus has Left the Station

Don’t let your bus slow down. Remember you’re on a multi-year plan to build and grow your business.

“Management is initially focused with excitement on what is required. But we have witnessed as time moves forward to the one-year mark, it is easy to get tired and even become discouraged at what it takes to experience results,” Greenwood says.

Remember, you’re the role model. Set the tone. Watch the video from Greenwood for more details.

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