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News   July 17, 2023   by Adam Malik

Milwaukee releases new impact driver

The M18 Compact Brushless quarter-inch Hex Impact Driver has been introduced by Milwaukee Tool as part of its next generation of M18 Compact Brushless tools.

Designed for the service trades, the lightweight impact driver can access tight spaces and deliver the application speed needed to get the job done quickly. It measures 4.4 inches in length and 2.1 inches in width and has 30 per cent less volume in the head of the tool than the leading competitor.

The driver has the fastest driving speeds in its class, enhancing productivity. Its all-metal gear case and premium components deliver jobsite durability. For professionals that prefer multiple modes to adjust RPM, the impact driver is also available in a 3-speed version to provide improved control in application.

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  1. Need to show more new items

  2. Jamie E Grigsby says:

    A buddy of mine at work just purchased a new Milwaukee brushless impact and drill a few months back and claims his is the next best thing.
    It sounds different. He claims they have modes on them that won’t snap screws or the drill won’t break your wrist when it gets caught.
    I still have the second gen which has been good to me.
    However, I’m due for an upgrade. Would you recommend this new impact? Or do you foresee any new features coming soon that’d be worth holding out for?

    • Hollowdh says:

      If you don’t need extreme torque out of your 1/4″ impact driver, get the m18 surge. It sacrifices torque for an extremely quiet, buttery smooth action. Its hydraulic so it suffers a little in the cold. However. I’ve used mine for around a year now, through winter and summer snd it drives all the fastners I need it to. It has 4 drive modes. 1 2 and 3 offer low through high torque and speed and 4 is a “run down mode” which will torque out at a specific inch pound rating until you pull the trigger again.

    • William brady Swartz says:

      I work HVAC and I just got one about a month ago, I have had no complaints and it over performs against my co-workers impacts. I do recommend this impact because they’re compact and have the perfect amount of torque. My favorite thing is how fast the batteries charge and how long they last it can go 3-4 days without a charge or 1-2 without charge depending on how intensive I’m using it. However one thing I don’t like is the selector switch is easily pushed in or out. When I barely put pressure on it, it will go into safety or reverse. It might be user error, but I have never had that issue with my last impact.

  3. Lars says:

    Why won’t you fix the “old” impact driver we all bought and now won’t hold the bit. POS

    • Handyman says:

      They added a second ball detent mid year. If you send yours in for repair, they will install the new collect.

  4. Kyle E West says:

    Milwaukee needs a blower style fan!! The one they have now is a crappy design with the old style fan blade instead of a squirrel cage fan.

  5. David Dooley says:

    I have a Milwaukee set of tools ,the leaf blower and weed eater consume a lot of power and wants a battery with more amp hours.

    • Adrian Garcia says:

      Get the 12.0 hd and stop being cheap that will get the job done all day

      • Aren Robertson says:

        The leaf blower ruined a 12ah & an 8ah high output batteries after a dozen runs. Won’t take a charge anymore.

        • James Peter Duffy says:

          Try battery to battery resuscitation, jump the positive to positive and negative to negative, between one of those dead batteries that won’t charge and a fully charged one for a couple of minutes, pull them back apart and you should notice an increase on the pack voltage if you check it with a multimeter of the dead pack, the Chargers won’t charge them if they’re below a certain point, so if you can bring it up a little bit like that it’ll start charging it saved my 9 amp hour battery

        • Adam says:

          Hold the battery button down for 30 seconds to reset the batteries.

  6. Jonathan Wolf says:

    I bought mine 3 months ago and LOVE IT!!! Best thing since sliced bread.

    • Rayhey says:

      When the sliced bread was invented?
      It seems like everyone knows , but nobody has the answer, do you ?

  7. Matthew C Gallaher says:

    I’m definitely a Milwaukee guy! I just wish their multi-tool had a quick release like D*walt! Or at least similar!

  8. Dwight says:

    We have a miwaulky weed eater it won’t run under a load.
    It shuts off I had it sent in and not difference . Any suggestions.

  9. Jeffcsam says:

    I bought the 1000ft lb 1/2 impact to take off a Axle nut that three guys with a 8foot breaker bar couldn’t get to budge. Thing came off with this impact M18 beast

    • Kellowatt says:

      I bought that same one to remove a suspension bolt that a 6ft breaker couldn’t budge. The impact was effortless on mode 3. It’s the 2767-20 model. Best thing since slice bread, just a little heavy at 5lbs .

  10. I love everything about your tools so far i have 2m
    packouts bit and smallmparts containers. Next is to get the units to hang them with. I see you finally putbthem in home depot. Im trying to n get a rolling tool box also to put all m y tools in. I keep them clean and organised. Do still offer stickers or posters? I never did get one for signing up to your website. Stephen Dibsdale 1732 seeley drive lon ont n5w2b1

  11. K W Construction says:

    Had a few tools from milwaukee and the longest they last is 3 years , for what they cost to other brands ( the blue tools) they ain’t worth the money.

    • Bill says:

      Thankfully most have a 5 year warranty that goes off of the serial number in case you do not have the receipt. Send them in!

  12. Aren Robertson says:

    2 batteries that stopped working after a dozen times with the Milwaukee blower. 12 & 8ah high output both were around 3 months old. $300 they won’t take a charge. Also a 1 month old 12v doing the same.
    2-18v hammer drills that stopped working after a year. I bought one to replace the other. The same thing with my grease gun. I used it maybe 6 times. Seems like the triggers are faulty.

    • Abuen says:

      Maybe bad battery maintenance. My batteries are old maybe 8 years old and still working good for me. I know I should probably replace them by now so if they go out I don’t complain. All my drills are still working no trigger problems. I use them almost daily without problems.

  13. Jeremy W says:

    We got one at work, haven’t used it much lately but little things like taking out 20 torx head bits it’ll shine, we do run Drill/Driver, ½ and ¾ inch Impacts, all Milwaukee.

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