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News   October 10, 2023   by Adam Malik

Milwaukee adds diag tool

Milwaukee Tool is taking its first foray into the automotive diagnosis space with the launch of the M12 Auto Technician Borescope.

It provides 5mm of access to help technicians provide clear diagnosis of issues. The high-definition front and side cameras and 4.3-inch display provide enhanced application viewing and easier diagnosis. With its 4-level zoom capabilities, users can zero in on points of interest, streamlining their inspection process.

The three-foot flexible cable balances flexibility and memory to manoeuvre through confined spaces within the engine bay. Milwaukee’s innovative inspection solution helps prevent time spent disassembling, driving productivity and efficiency for the technician.

It guards against failure with its Heat Sense Temperature Alert technology. The tool notifies the user and shuts down if the vehicle being inspected is too hot to use the camera without potential damage, helping the technician extend the life of the tool.

For a full review of the borescope, check out Auto Service World’s Instagram page where we spoke to a product expert.

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