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News   April 24, 2018   by Adam Malik

Make your own Achievement List: New episode of Greenwood’s Garage

Are you making the right kind of list?

Not a ‘to do’ list – that sounds too negative. Make an achievement list, says Bob Greenwood in the latest episode of Greenwoods Garage. It’s more positive and will give you the opportunity to tell yourself, “Well done.”

Or are you not making a list at all? Are you one of those who never writes things down? Do you always think you can remember everything?

What happens when you forget something? What happens that affects your customer? You lose credibility and trust. The client feels let down and unimportant.

“Let’s fix this with a proven solution,” Greenwood says in the episode titled, Make your own Achievement List.

So make a list. Set aside dedicated time for tasks. And that includes personal time. This helps create a routine, so you can work better on the business.

Watch Greenwoods Garage: Make your own Achievement List today.

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