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News   July 7, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Mahle releases new vehicle sanitizing unit

Mahle Aftermarket has added a new product for the hygienic sanitization of passenger cars, buses, and commercial vehicles to its service unit range.

The new OzonePRO is likely to be of particular interest to car rental companies and logistics service providers, who can use it to ensure that vehicle cabins are free of germs as well as odours when handed over to customers.

OzonePRO also offers increased protection for ambulance services and public authority vehicles used by different crews. In addition to vehicles, the unit is suitable for use in hotel rooms and business premises. The Mahle OzonePRO is also being offered as the O3-NEX under the BRAIN BEE sales brand and is now available to independent workshops from specialist retailers.

“Especially at a time like this, people want reliable protection against infection in cars and buses, as well as other indoor spaces. With the new OzonePRO unit, Mahle is offering a dependable solution for this,” says Olaf Henning, corporate executive vice president and general manager Mahle Aftermarket. “We have not designed OzonePRO exclusively for use in vehicles. Hotels and companies with offices and business premises can also benefit from it.”

The new unit from Mahle uses ozone to purify the air inside cabins and other interiors. To do this, all doors into the vehicle or room must be closed. While the sanitizing process is underway, the OzonePRO sensors continuously measure the concentration of ozone produced in the environment and adjust this until the ideal value is reached. This value is maintained for some time to ensure a hygienic clean.

At the same time, OzonePRO avoids excessive ozone values in order to prevent oxidation damage to the interior, for example. The unit is fully automated and notifies the user when the disinfection is finished. Vehicles and rooms can then be safely entered again. The entire process can be controlled and monitored externally with the associated O3-Easy app. Once the sanitization process has been completed, a disinfection report can be printed for the customer if necessary.

The new OzonePRO unit communicates with all other Mahle service equipment via Bluetooth. It can be simply connected to a cigarette lighter or is available upon request with an additional power supply unit for use in indoor spaces. With an ozone output of 5,000 mg/h, one unit can disinfect interiors with a surface area of up to 40 square meters or of around 100 cubic meters in volume, roughly equivalent to the volume of a coach. Weighing only three kilograms, the unit is also easy to handle.

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