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News   March 21, 2018   by Danielle Oswald

Mahle Introduces ShopPRO Wireless Lifts 

Mahle Service Solutions is releasing three products in a new line of ShopPRO Commercial Wireless Mobile Column Lifts. It will have a wireless communication system and a10-inch touch screen graphic control system. 

The new line features a lift with a 7-ton wireless column lift that has a 14,000 pound capacity. The second is the CML-9, a 9-ton wireless column lift with a 19,000 pound capacity and the  third column lift, the CML-9WB, with a 19,000 pound. capacity. This model with has a wide, adjustable carriage for oversized tires.  

All three columns are 24V systems which can be operated in sets of two, four, six, or eight. These lifts have no external wires or cords making it easy to set up and move either inside or outside the shop. The lift can operate at a maximum height of 69 inches.  

“The wireless mobile column lifts are designed for quick and easy setup and can be moved where they are needed and then conveniently stored away when they are not in use,” said Andreas Huber, general manager of Mahle Service Solutions.