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News   March 21, 2019   by Adam Malik

Liqui Moly adds pourer safeguards

David Kaiser, head of research and development with Liqui Moly, shows off the new pourers

To help protect against using the wrong additive, German chemicals company Liqui Moly is bringing in additional safeguards to its products.

New pourers are designed to make sure the right additives go in the right places and avoid petrol additives from going into diesel tanks and diesel additives from going into petrol tanks.

This provides additional protection from careless errors with expensive consequences,” said David Kaiser, head of research and development with Liqui Moly.

The efficiency of modern engines means that are also sensitive. Using the wrong additive can have devastating consequences. The new pourers use a protective mechanism that many car manufacturers now install in their vehicles: a flap on the fuel tank opening that does not open until a pipe of the correct size is inserted.

So Liqui Moly gave its pourers different diameters. The one for diesel can open a diesel tank flap, but it’s too big for a petrol tank – and the diesel flap stays closed if you try to use the petrol additive.

“It’s an additional safeguard against mistakenly picking up the wrong additive,” Kaiser said.

While the switch takes place, users may notice products available with both old and new pourers for a while. Liqui Moly noted that its additives also have a colour code to help tell them apart: diesel additives have a red lid, petrol additives have a blue lid, oil additives have a black lid and radiator additives have a white lid.

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