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News   October 3, 2016   by Allan Janssen

Lindertech students get peek at future technology

Trainer walks technicians through recent automotive developments that will eventually find their way into North American repair shops.

Delphi trainer Dave Hobbs offers his take on Frustrating Ridiculous Electronic Devices (FRED) at Lindertech in Toronto.

Delphi trainer Dave Hobbs offers his take on Frustrating Ridiculous Electronic Devices (FRED) at Lindertech in Toronto.

More than 100 technicians from across Canada attended the fall session of the Lindertech North training conference in Toronto on the weekend.

The conference, organized twice a year by shop owners John and Leah Cochrane, of Cochrane Automotive, featured diagnostic training by Ron Bilyeu and David Hobbs.

The training is designed for technicians who want to take their driveability and diagnostic skills to the next level.

Hobbs, a Delphi field training instructor, offered his take on future technology with his “Preparing for Tomorrow” afternoon session. It covered the ever-changing world of telematics and advanced electronics diagnostics.

hobbs-2The new course takes technicians on a journey to understand and interact with today’s advanced electronic systems. It also looks at emerging technologies that will drive tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles – like radar sensors, back-up cameras, smart front cameras, and lane departure warning systems.

Hobbs said “constant and proper training” is absolutely necessary for technicians – now more than ever before. Lifelong learning is the key to success in the auto diagnostics game, he said.

He also encouraged students to make sure they are equipped with right tools and are prepared to embrace change… because change is coming!

He also offered an updated version of his popular “F.R.E.D.” course (focusing on “Frustrating Ridiculous Electronic Devices”). It will cover GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota CAN serial data.

Bilyeu, an Indiana-based trainer, demonstrated Performance Tuning strategies for Ford, GM, and Chrysler production vehicles. The hands-on course was held at the Cochranes’ shop in the west end of Toronto on Thursday and Friday, with special emphasis on diagnosing vehicles, improving driveability, and adjusting shifting and throttle response.

LinderTech North is in its eleventh year in Canada, sponsored in part by NAPA’s Ontario division.


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