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News   August 10, 2011   by Auto Service World

Wiper Blade Restoration Kit

Permatex has introduced its new Permatex Wiper Restore, a treatment for wiper blades that revitalizes wiper blade rubber to extend blade life and improve overall wiper performance.
Permatex Wiper Restore’s water-based, silicone emulsion formula features a special surfactant that aids in cleaning, softening, and conditioning the wiper blade rubber to make it more pliable. This increases wiper flexibility and helps to minimize chatter, streaking, and skipping. Permatex Wiper Restore works on both old and new blades, and saves on the high cost of blade replacement.
According to Andrew Charleston, Senior Product Manager at Permatex, Permatex Wiper Restore’s innovative formula offers cost conscious consumers an excellent alternative to expensive wiper blade replacement. “Wiper blade prices have gone up dramatically in recent years, reaching upwards of $25-30 each, especially the new technology “beam” style blades found on most new cars. When your wiper goes bad, you can’t replace the rubber portion. You have to buy the complete assembly. It could be very costly to replace both front blades and the rear blade, if the vehicle has one”, notes Charleston.
Permatex Wiper Restore is alcohol and petroleum free and will not deteriorate the blade rubber. It comes in a specially designed, single use, 1.25 g pouch, which makes application easy and mess-free. All the customer needs to do is simply peel back pouch to reveal specially treated towelette, apply the treatment to the blade rubber, and wipe dry. Each pouch provides enough conditioner for treating up to three blades.

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