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Winners of the Automechanika Innovation Awards Announced

The winners of the 2010 Automechanika Innovation Awards have been announced.
An independent jury of eight selected the eight winners from a total of 147 entries at a meeting on 23 August. 74 of the products entered came from Germany and 73 from 16 other countries, especially France, Italy, The Netherlands, Austria and Denmark.
The jury is made up of the following experts from associations, the media and industry: Ralph M. Meunzel, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Autohaus’; Wolfgang Michel, Editor-in-Chief of ‘kfz-betrieb’; Helmut Kluger, publisher of ‘Automobilwoche’; Wilhelm Hülsdonk, Master of the Federal Guild and Vice President of the Federation of the German Motor Vehicle Trade (Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe – ZDK; Axel Schumacher, Head of the Vehicle Manufacturing Department, HAW Hamburg; Thomas Mareis, Head of ‘Krafthand Profi Werkstatt’ Workshop; Horst Schneider, General Manager of TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH; Matthias Dingfelder, Head of Schweinfurt Motor Vehicle Academy (Fahrzeugakademie Schweinfurt).
The official presentation of the Awards will be held during the Automechanika Opening Ceremony in ‘Saal Europa’ of Hall 4 at
10.00 hrs on 14 September 2010. The five best products in each category will be exhibited at the Innovation Awards special show in the foyer of Hall 4.1. Page

Below are all winners in the individual categories together with the name of the award-winning product, a brief description and contact details.

IQ Power GmbH: Eco Car Battery (Category: Parts)
iQ Power Batteries with a new kind of automatic electrolyte mixing system that results in lower CO2 emissions over the battery life cycle. This innovation prevents acid stratification, the biggest power killer in car batteries, thus helping to protect the environment and conserve resources at the same time as offering a longer service life and greater cycle stability.

Steelmate Co. Ltd.: Steelmate all-in-one safety (Category: Systems)
Steelmate all-in-one safety GPS is a portable vehicle satellite navigation device with TPMS, parking sensor, reversing camera and multimedia features in one. A single touch screen on the dashboard controls all functions, e.g., navigation, reversing, tyre-pressure monitoring and entertainment, and saves costs and space for installation and operation. With this multi-functional satnav, drivers benefit from greater driving pleasure and safety.

Osram GmbH: Osram Ultra Life (Category: Tuning)
With OSRAM’s Ultra Life headlamps the name says it all. These durable lamps are the ideal solution for anyone who spends a lot of time driving, has dipped lights on during daytime, often travels at night or has vehicles that make lamp replacements difficult. OSRAM is the first manufacturer to guarantee its Ultra Life headlamps will not fail due to production or material faults for at least three years.

Pewag Schneeketten GmbH: pewag snox pro (Category: Accessories)
Snow chains with a fully-automatic tensioning system. No eyelets, no hooks, no manual tensioning. The new pewag snox pro is perfectly and fully automatically tensioned by a new system in the ‘pewag snox-box’ – and that coupled with very smooth running!

Texa S.p.A.: OBD Matrix (Category: Repair/Diagnostics)
OBD Matrix is the world’s first device that monitors all of a vehicle’s electronic systems while it is running – a very small unit, hardly any bigger than the OBD diagnostic socket in which it is inserted, that does not bother the driver.

Kristal Coatings B.V.: Kristal TimeClear (Category: Repair/Maintenance)
KRISTAL TimeClear is the latest and most innovative product from Kristal Coatings B.V., the manufacturer of post-painting products based in The Netherlands. TimeClear is based on air-drying technology. The clear coating hardens fully at a temperature of only 20°C. After 10 minutes, it is dust-dry and extremely clear.

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG: Granulate and Salt Spreader (Category: Service Station & Car Wash)
A completely new hand spreader for distributing granulate over small to medium-sized areas evenly and in the quantity required. Filling, carrying, dosing and spreading have been made very easy and the results are excellent. Carrying and spreading are combined so that it is easy to work in a wide variety of positions. Fine sand, salt, oil- binding agents, coarse grit or granulate (up to 4 mm grain size) can be distributed evenly and with an exact flow rate. The area covered

Robert Bosch GmbH: P2 Parallel Strong Hybrid System (New category: OE Products & Service)
Bosch is the world’s first manufacturer to successfully begin series production of a P2 Hybrid System. Using the new system, it is possible to turn existing automobile models into hybrids as in the case of the VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne.

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