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News   December 18, 2001   by Auto Service World

Windshield Dumping Investigation Underway

The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) today announced the initiation of an investigation into the alleged injurious dumping of certain automotive laminated windshields for the automotive replacement market.
The windshields originate in, or are exported from, the People’s Republic of China. The CCRA started the investigation after receiving a complaint from PPG Canada Inc. of Toronto, Ontario.
The company alleges that the dumping of the goods is harmful to Canadian production-it causes price suppression, price erosion, lost sales, loss of market share, reduced income and profitability, and under utilization of production capacity. These automotive laminated windshields are for the automotive replacement glass (ARG) market, and come in all shapes and sizes.
They can be clear or tinted, coated or not, encapsulated or not, and can include antennae, ceramics, mirror buttons, and vehicle identification number (VIN) notches. Dumping occurs when goods are sold to importers in Canada at prices that are lower than the selling prices of the goods in the exporter’s domestic market, or at unprofitable prices.
The Special Import Measures Act protects Canadian producers from the damaging effects of such unfair trade. If there has been a large increase in harmful imports and the Canadian International Trade Tribunal decides that the retroactive application of anti-dumping duties is justified, the CCRA could levy duties on imported ARG windshields brought into Canada starting today.
The Tribunal will begin a preliminary inquiry into whether the imports are harming Canadian producers, and will issue a decision within 60 days. While the Tribunal is examining the question of injury, the CCRA will investigate whether the imports are being dumped and will make a preliminary decision within 90 days.

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