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Wheel Balancers Range from Compact to High Tech

Bosch has introduced a line of wheel balancing equipment to fit many shop needs.
The portfolio of wheel balancers ranges from compact, tech friendly balancers to sophisticated electronic and laser-actuated units. Bosch balancers offer precision balancing with clear and accurate displays, incorporating easy to use features and navigation.
“Hard working Bosch wheel balancers combine the latest electronics with robust engineering, designed to make wheel balancing highly productive,” said Frank Nowaczyk, group product manager, Wheel Service for Bosch Diagnostics Business Unit. “Whether the shop needs a large, high volume unit or a small, compact balancer, these durable, trouble-free balancers provide accurate, fast wheel balancing whenever it is needed,” he said.

The Bosch wheel balancer portfolio includes:

The WBE 4110 is a compact wheel balancer offering an Invisible weight mode for hiding weights behind spokes and a weight optimization mode that reads wheel imbalance, allowing the technician to match tire and wheels for greater accuracy. A simple and intuitive control panel provides greater functionality. The unit includes a Quick Clamp wing-nut, extended 40mm shaft, and standard five (5) cone passenger car and light truck cone kit.

The Bosch WBE 4140 wheel balancer features an easy-to-read upright LCD monitor, with intuitive and straightforward steps illustrated on the monitor. The 4140 offers an attractive blend of accuracy, reliability, and versatility, including the ability to accommodate a wide variety of stock, alloy, and custom wheels used on passenger cars and light trucks, as well as motorcycle wheels with the proper accessories. Separate programs for static versus dynamic balancing, and multiple-user formats for shops that may have several operators, provide many different choices. The software incorporates an innovative capability to match wheels and tires to each other, offsetting possible negative effects of tolerance build-up. And the programming also allows for selective positioning of weights behind the spokes of alloy or custom wheels without any negative effects on the accuracy or quality of the balance. An automatic ‘2D’ measuring system, which automatically records Diameter and Distance of the correction weight location, is included as a standard feature.

WBE 4230
The WBE 4230 is a strong workhorse in a small package, featuring a bright and easy to read enhanced color LCD display and straightforward, exact attachment of all concealed adhesive weights using the electronic Easyfit data recording arm. The unit includes an electronic sensing arm for rim distance, diameter and width, and 11 balancing programs for passenger car and motorcycle wheels, with a split program for exact positioning of weights behind the spokes. The WBE 4230 can be converted easily to pivot pin or motorcycle wheel flange. Included are holders for flanges and accessories, and standard five (5) cone passenger car cone kit (44-130mm), with light truck spacer ring

WBE 4430
Bosch’s WBE 4430 offers automatic, precise and quick wheel data input via electronic data sensor arms, and features an Easyfix data recording arm for measuring rim diameter, or indication of adhesive weight position on the inside of the rim. The data recording arm, with adhesive weight clamping adapter, automatically locks if accurate positioning of concealed adhesive balance weights is on the inside of the rim. An inner wheel light and laser ring light the interior of the rim, which aids precise fitment of balance weights at TDC or BDC positions. The WBE 4430 features user programmable hot keys that provide a shortcut to the most frequently used features, and the unit’s integrated self-test software and calibration routine ensure simplified machine maintenance. A multi-user program allows parallel operation by service staff.

A laser sensor on the WBE 4510 provides fully automated measurements for tire width, run-out and tire symmetry. Balance force, combined with laser run-out measurement, match mounts tire and wheels to solve balance and eccentricity-based vibration problems. The laser run-out eccentricity measurement calculates the best possible match mount locations based on all four harmonics, not just the first harmonic. This yields more effective predictions of the match mount results, reducing unexpected poor results and loss in technician labor time. The unit’s weight optimization mode measures individual rim and tire imbalance, allowing the technician to match tire and rims for reduced weight use. The WBE 4510’s standard, pneumatic, integrated wheel lift effortlessly lifts and centers the wheel on the balancer shaft for more accurate mounting. Other features include automatic, three-parameter entry (3D), quick clamp wing nut, extended 40mm shaft, standard five (5) cone passenger car cone kit (44-130mm), and light truck spacer ring.

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