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What’s New… (April 01, 2007)

Stabilizer Links

Beck/Arnley’s all new stabilizer links come with attaching hardware, keeping the technician in mind and going beyond form, fit and function. Elastic stop nuts are used for most applications, but if a standard castle nut is used, a new cotter pin is supplied as old nuts are often rusted and threads strip during removal.


Flame Grille Accessory

The 3D Flame Grille will enhance the look of today’s most popular vehicles with its unique three-dimensional, sculpted flames. The 3D Flame Grille is cut from premium-grade billet aluminum and polished to a high shine finish for maximum durability and good looks. Lund has designed this grille to install cleanly with application-specific engineering. Preci-sion laser cutting technology ensures a quality fit. The new grille is backed by Lund’s limited lifetime warranty.

Lund Industries

Digital Cam Degree System

The CamLogic Digital Degree System allows the serious engine builder to degree the camshaft in any engine type with extreme accuracy and in record time. The old-fashioned degree wheel has been replaced by a new digital degree system with an electronic encoder and digital display. This patented system enables the high-performance engine builder to degree a camshaft to one-tenth of a degree, in about half the time of using a degree wheel. This translates to greater precision, more horsepower and torque, and faster engine builds, all of which affect the bottom line. The compact design of the CamLogic enclosure allows the camshaft and timing gear to be completely accessible throughout the degreeing process. Camshaft adjustment and removal is possible without having to disassemble the CamLogic System from the engine.

Bolton Conductive Systems

Cargo Control Web

Built to catch cargo rather than prey, the Spidy Gear Bed Web uses Mother Nature’s own design to quickly and effectively secure items in pickup truck beds or rooftop cargo racks. Constructed from heavy duty 6-millimetre, 100% stretch shock cord radiating from a stainless steel centre ring, the Bed Web stretches to one and a half times its size to engulf both even and uneven loads. Items stay securely positioned using moulded hooks, and once unfastened, the Bed Web returns to its original, un-stretched form.

Global Accessories

Cordless Ratchets

Ingersoll Rand IQV Series ratchets feature solid aluminum main housings and stand up to the manual cranking needed from a ratchet. The line features the R140 1/4″ mini, R145 3/8″ mini, R380 3/8″ standard class and R385 1/2″ standard class cordless ratchets. The R140 and R145 deliver a maximum torque of 25 foot-pounds, while the R380 and R385 provide 70 foot-pounds. The ratchets’ variable speed triggers provide the operator with maximum control, while onboard microprocessor-controlled protection continuously monitors tool operation to prolong motor life and improve battery runtime.

Ingersoll Rand

Billet Antenna

Lund expands its Billet Antenna line to three lengths for 2007 with new 9- and 14-inch models. They join the popular 5.5-inch Billet Antenna released in 2006. Each antenna is precision CNC-machined from a piece of solid billet aluminum and buffed to a mirror-like finish. It comes complete with a set of adapters for fast, hassle-free installation, whether import or domestic. The new 9- and 14-inch Billet Antennas are covered by Lund’s limited lifetime warranty.

Lund Industries

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Schrader-Bridgeport Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems use pressure sensors inside each tire to transmit data to a dashboard display, alerting drivers to tire pressure issues. Schrader is the technological leader in TPMS with the original equipment vehicle manufacturers. Schrader offers replacement sensors, service packs, tools, and retrofit kits for the replacement market. Now available in Canada through Gates Canada Inc.

Gates Canada

Glasspack Performance

The Cherry Bomb Glasspack, recognizable by its bright red colour and throaty performance sound, is the original high performance muffler. Originally launched in 1968, it is now available for most car and truck applications. The Cherry Bomb Glasspack is insulated with high-temperature fibreglass to absorb high frequency sounds. The Glasspack’s reversible straight-through design reduces back pressure to maximize horsepower. Its round, linear shape creates a universal fit, making installation a breeze. The product is made of 100% welded, aluminized steel for a long lasting construction, and finished with a high temperature-resistant red finish.

Maremont Exhaust

New Bed Cover Applications

Agri-Cover Access Lorado and Literider Roll-Up Covers are now available for the 2007 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Pickup with 5.5′ box, 2007 Toyota Tundra Standard Box Double Cab with 6.5′ and 8.1′ box, and the 2007 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab with 6.5′ and 8.1′ Long Box. The bed products provide all-around protection while maintaining the utility of the truck bed. With a Premium Cover Lifetime Warranty, no tool tension control and high quality components, the covers ensure years of trouble-free service.


Chrome Fuel Door

The new AVS Chrome Fuel Door Cover is designed to fit exactly over a vehicle’s fuel door. The new fuel door cover is chrome plated for a durable finish. The high quality ABS construction is tough enough to withstand the elements for years of good looks. The new Chrome Fuel Door Cover is custom-engineered to each application for a perfect fit. It is firmly affixed to the vehicle with automotive-grade adhesive tape for a fast and easy, no-drill installation. Some applications include Ford F-150, Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Ram, and Chevy Silverado.

Lund Industries

New Premium Wiper

Trico Products is launching NeoForm, its new ultra-premium beam blade line for the North American aftermarket this spring. The blade’s innovative design provides constant pressure across the entire length of the blade to ensure a uniform wipe. NeoForm blades also feature an aerodynamic spoiler that helps reduce windlift and enhances styling. Trico’s NeoForm blades offer durable all-weather performance, while the exclusive wiping element with Teflon resin provides a smoother wipe and longer life. Blades are available in 16″ to 28″ lengths and fit the most popular wiper arm types, including many new unique wiper arm styles.

Gates Canada

Whiter, Brighter Bulbs

Philips has introduced its new, improved-technology Philips CrystalVision Ultra headlamp bulbs. The new bulbs deliver even whiter colour and brighter beam than the original CrystalVision bulbs. CrystalVision Ultra bulbs are DOT-compliant and available for over 90% of all vehicles on the road today. Based on Philips’ recommendation to always replace bulbs in pairs, CrystalVision Ultra headlamp bulbs are offered in two-bulb packages.

Philips Automotive Lighting

SUV Step Lighting

The new AMP Research Light Kit, when installed with AMP’s Power Step running boards, provides sure footing for the driver and passengers at night. Open any door and four ultra-bright white LEDs light the surface of the automatically deployed Power Step. These rugged lights are strategically placed for broad coverage of the step surface for maximum visibility, and are reliable in the most extreme conditions. The lights will stay lit for a full five minutes when the door is left open, allowing plenty of time for entry or exit. Close the door and the lights go out automatically as the Power Step retracts.

AMP Research

Reducing LED Mount

Grote’s new snap-in, theft-resistant flange for its 4″ round LED lamps is available in stainless steel and tough polycarbonate (grey, black, or chrome). The versatile snap-in flange is held in place by locking tabs (as opposed to the standard screw holes) that save installers time with quick and easy installation that requires no drilling. Locking tabs on the exterior of the flange snap the flange into place on the trailer, locking it into place and keeping it from being pulled out of the hole. These theft-resistant additions are designed to complement Grote’s assortment of security-conscious flanges for 2″, 2.5″ and 4″ incandescent lamps.

Grote Industries

Classic Performance Mufflers

Tenneco has announced the return of the Thrush brand with Thrush Welded mufflers and Stainless Steel Glasspacks. Thrush Welded mufflers are available in a 19-inch overall length with a 2-1/4 inch, 2-1/2 inch and 3 inch inlet and outlet diameters in a variety of centre/offset styles. Stainless Steel Glasspacks feature a straight-through perforated tube for minimal turbulence and continuous roving fibreglass and are available in a 25-inch overall length with 2-1/4 inch, 2-1/2 inch, or 3 inch inlet and outlet diameters.

Tenneco Automotive

High-Capacity Modular Hose Reel

Alemite’s new high-capacity modular hose reel provides users with a variety of options based on style and functionality requirements. The new high-capacity modular reel is constructed of foam composite, making it 30% lighter than steel. The reel will handle up to 400 feet of 1/2-inch diameter hose or up to 200 feet of 1-1/2-inch diameter hose and is available in motorized and hand crank versions. An explosion-proof motor is available for fuel dispensing applications.


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