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Feature   March 1, 2006   by Auto Service World

What’s New… (March 01, 2006)

Failing Battery Detection

Battery Alert connects to a car’s battery in minutes to check the battery’s health every time the car is started. If the battery is likely to fail in the next few weeks, it emits a loud alarm for 10 seconds to warn the driver that it’s time to get the battery checked. Each time the vehicle is started this scenario will repeat itself until the battery is changed or another problem determined. The Battery Alert works on all 12-volt batteries.

Bright Solutions

Attachment Tapes

3M Automotive Attachment Tape 06394 is an OEM-approved, 90-mil-thick grey acrylic foam tape designed for dependable installation of a wide variety of exterior parts. This tape is approved for many of the most demanding applications. 3M has also introduced Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape 06395, a new 60-mil-thick, 7/8-inch-wide black tape for use when higher performance is necessary, and Automotive Attachment Tape 06376, a 30-mil-thick, high performance grey acrylic foam tape that offers a clean, flush fit for emblems.

3M Automotive Trades

Serpentine Belt for Heavy Duty Fleets

The Gates FleetRunner Micro-V serpentine belt is composed of a proprietary blend of elastomers and maintains excellent tensile strength and adhesion to reinforcement materials even under the most extreme temperature and load conditions. FleetRunner technology has produced a belt with superior resistance to cracking even with the higher under-hood temperatures generated by the latest, low-emission engines. Plus, it better withstands the threats of deterioration from increased exposure to ozone and water-based coolants.

Gates Canada

Hydraulic Pump

Alemite’s new 8600 series hydraulic-powered pump offers a wide range of grease output in a robust, compact design. This pump features a compact footprint and, since it is hydraulically powered, there is no need for a bulky compressor, making it ideal for automatic lubrication systems installed on mobile equipment where space is limited. The pump features a simple yet robust gerotor design and operates reliably at low temperatures without icing.


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