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Feature   November 1, 2003   by Auto Service World

What’s new… (November 01, 2003)

Low Friction Ball Joint

TRW Automotive’s newest super low-friction ball joint socket features a highly polished ball surface and high strength polymer bearing to eliminate up to two-thirds of internal friction. Also, a special exclusionary seal is designed to keep out moisture and friction-causing contaminants.

TRW Automotive

Performance Disk Brake Pads

TRW 9-1-1 Extreme Performance disk brake pads are entirely heavy metal-free and environmentally friendly. The 9-1-1 Extreme Performance line is available in both brake pads and brake shoe configurations for both import and domestic applications. Developed for high speed, high heat applications such as police cars and ambulances, these semi-metallic pads and shoes feature the latest asbestos-free materials.

TRW Automotive

Glare-Free Headlamps

Increasing complaints about automotive headlamp glare have led to the development of TruView Headlamps from Wagner Lighting, which filter out yellow rays within the lamps’ projected colour spectrum, resulting in a truer whiter light and offering exceptional visibility in a full range of nighttime driving conditions, without subjecting oncoming drivers to offensive glare.

Wagner Lighting

Performance Electronic Gauges

Faze Performance In-struments has introduced the Faze Street FuzionEL series of precision-calibrated, blue-illuminated electrical gauges. The series includes Electrical Boost to measure boost pressure caused by the turbo charger or supercharger; Electrical Fuel Pressure to monitor the fuel system; and Electrical Exhaust Gas Temperature to measure exhaust manifold or converter exhaust temperature.

Faze Performance Instruments

Illuminator Kit

Steck’s Big Easy Illuminator Kit produces light right where you need it. LED light means no bulb or filament to break and long bulb life. The kit includes the Big Easy Illuminator, a non-marring wedge, and a lock knob lifter. The kit includes one-year warranty.

Steck Manufacturing Co.

Fogging Oil and Cylinder Protector

New Sta-Bil Fogging Oil and Cylinder Protector from Gold Eagle Co. stops corrosion in stored engines and lubricates cylinders for easier starts and faster retail sales. The 12 oz. aerosol oil places a fine protective layer on internal engine parts, and contains a special additive that prevents cylinder scuffing at start-up. The oil is safe for off-season storage of all 2- and 4-cycle engines.

Gold Eagle Co.

Airless Table Blaster

Viking’s new 48T 4ft Airless Table Blaster incorporates a wraparound door for good access to the table circumference, while an angle-mounted wheel moves the blast wheel close to the work, maintaining complete coverage of the table surface. The unit employs more than 25% more standard cleaning capacity than competitive models, using a 20HP direct drive blast wheel.

Viking Corporation

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