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News   August 11, 2011   by Auto Service World

Wakefield Weighs in on Diesel Exhaust Fluid Measurement

Castrol distributor Wakefield Canada has announced that it has become the first ,and so far only, company to distribute bulk  diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) using meters approved by Weights and Measures (W&M) Canada.
Canadian W&M regulations require fluids distributed by bulk and sold by volume, to be measured using a Canadian W&M-approved meter.
According to the company, two meters have been approved, both belonging to Wakefield.
While other suppliers are providing DEF in bulk, only Wakefield is doing so with legal, approved meters, it says.
Wakefield says that those using DEF from other suppliers are at possible risk of getting incorrect volumes or of receiving shipments containing something other than 100% DEF.
Metering equipment tolerances are different in Canada than south of the border; the meters must be custom designed for this market.
Wakefield had not been delivering DEF in bulk, but the company will begin making bulk deliveries in the Ontario region now that its first two meters have been approved.
“We have been working for over a year to get equipment that would meet the criteria for Weights and Measures,” notes Don MacKinnon, national transportation service manager with Wakefield Canada. “We have a unique design and it’s proprietary.”
Wakefield has gone to lengths to guarantee the purity of its H2Blu product using only approved containers and tubing to manage its product. Unlike other HD fluids, DEF must be stored in stainless steel or specific HDPE containers and handled throughout the delivery process in the same way. Using aluminum tanks or rubber can contaminate the fluid.
In Canada, the need for reliable DEF supply is expanding daily as fleets and owner-operators change to SCR trucks.
Ross Ayrhart, Wakefield’s national sales manager, DEF, notes that two urgent factors make this metering issue very important.
“Every day more of Canada’s fleet is adding more vehicles that require DEF. As this volume grows, the country’s terminals and cardlocks are expanding their ability to make the critical DEF supply more available.” Wakefield Canada is taking a leadership role in this supply process, Ayrhart notes.

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