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News   July 13, 2015   by Auto Service World

Wakefield Canada Celebrates 10th

#aftermarket – Wakefield Canada held a party for staff and clients at its Lakeshore office in Toronto to celebrate its 10th anniversary.  Speaking to attendees, company president Dave Fifield highlighted some of the accomplishments of the organization.

 “In terms of our business development, we have secured the General Motors relationship, built up our relationship with Canadian Tire and Mr. Lube, and we have also built out our OEM business on many fronts. It’s gone from representing about 10% of our business to representing over 25% of our business in 2015,” explained Fifield.

Over the last ten years Wakefield’s volume has gone from 47 million litres to over 80 million litres. “The revenue of this business has doubled. The profitability of this business has doubled. The market share of this business has doubled. We now hold the Q1 market share for Castrol brand in Canada of 35%,”said Fifield.

“We set our objective to double our share of the market in 10 years, and not only did we achieve 100% growth, in market share we actually overachieved that significantly. We have also grown our synthetics by over 300%. Castrol Syntec and Castrol Edge are now the leaders in synthetics in Canada,” said Bob MacDonald, owner and founder of Wakefield Canada.

“The key to success was our focus on the customer, customer intimacy, customer service, and a culture of customer first.  Increasing our competitiveness was also a key to our success. Over the past ten years we have expanded warehousing, acquired manufacturing capabilities, increased our sales force, and continued to invest significantly in the Castrol brand,” added MacDonald. “We are well positioned for further success as future challenges will continue to test our capabilities, and we need to continue to adapt to changing market conditions, customers’ evolving needs, and competitive threats. I recognize that success does not happen by itself, and we are blessed with great partners, suppliers, customers, advisors, and awesome employees who make this happen.”

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