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News   January 18, 2008   by Auto Service World

Volo Museum Decorates the Decades in Chicago

Greg Grams, proprietor of the Volo Auto Museum near Chicago, is a well-respected car aficionado; now he’s practicing new math.
The 2008 Chicago Auto Show, opening to the public on Friday, Feb. 8, is the first event of its kind in the country to celebrate hosting 100 total shows.
Grams is once again participating in the 10-day extravaganza with a “salute to the decades” display.
“Our decades display, tucked in the North Building of McCormick Place, is not only fun for the family; but educational,” Grams said.
“Each of our cars represents a different slice of past decades.
“Folks can learn about the evolution of the automobile at our display, and then venture through the rest of the show for a look at the present and the future.”
While the Chicago Show is celebrating “first to 100,” the premier event was hosted in 1901. Automobile production was halted through much of the 1940s because of World War II; stalling auto shows as well.
This is why the 100-show count was reached in 2008 and not 2001; and why Grams has 11 decades worth of cars, not just 10.
The feature cars for each decade will be:
1900-1909 — A 1901 Mercury, a horseless carriage made in Chicago;
1910-1919 — A 1910 Brush Model D Runabout with wooden chassis;
1920-1929 — A 1925 Red Ford Model T;
1930-1939 — A 1932 Duesenberg with dual cowl phaeton;
1940-1949 — A 1942 Packard staff car, similar to the one used by Gen. MacArthur during World War II;
1950-1959 — A 1959 Chevrolet Impala;
1960-1969 — A 1968 Hemi Dart with 425 horsepower;
1970-1979 — A 1970 Ford Shelby Mustang Convertible now worth a quarter million dollars;
1980-1989 — A 1989 Lotus Esprit SE used by Richard Gere in the movie “Pretty Woman”;
1990-1999 — A 1996 Rolls Royce used by Princess Diana during her last U.S. visit in Chicago;
2000-Present — A 2004 Ferrari 360 Spyder.

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