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Veedol International Limited Begins Operation for the Americas in Canada

Veedol International Limited Begins Operation for the Americas in Canada

#aftermarket – Veedol International Limited based out of Glasgow, Scotland with offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has announced it has set up offices in Canada.

The recently incorporated Veedol International Americas will be responsible for overseeing the Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing of the Veedol brand of lubricants in North and South America. With offices located in Mississauga, Ontario, having an official presence in the Americas will enhance the growing global awareness of the Veedol brand besides returning it to the part of the world where it all started for the Veedol brand.

The Veedol brand was originally launched in 1913 by Tide Water Oil Company out of Pennsylvania, with its reach growing rapidly throughout the world. Some of the historical accomplishments for Veedol include Veedol Oil being chosen for use in the world’s first mass produced car, the Ford Model T. Veedol Oil was also used in the first plane, aptly named ‘Miss Veedol’, to complete a nonstop, transatlantic flight from North America to Japan.

Ownership changed through the years but in 2011, Tide Water Oil Co. India Ltd. set up originally by Tide Water Oil Co in 1928, acquired the global rights to the Veedol brand and incorporated Veedol International Limited with its head office in Glasgow, thus beginning the journey of re-launching the brand around the world.

“This is an exciting time for Veedol International Limited. Having a presence in the Americas allows us to quickly respond to opportunities for the Veedol Brand. Having already worked with Automobile Solutions Americas Inc. (ASA) which has established a beachhead in Canada and Mexico, Veedol is already well positioned for quick growth in these markets. However, there are many other markets in Central and South America as well as the USA that will require a lot of work on our part to grow our distribution. Our focus on research and development has helped us to formulate a range of products suitable for a global range of applications. Additionally, distribution for Veedol products has already been established in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and parts of North America,” said Arun Menon, Vice President of Veedol International Americas.

“We are committed to developing the Canadian market for the Veedol Brand,” said Antonio Ramos, Marketing Manager at Automobile Solutions Americas Inc. which is the Canadian licensed manufacturer and distributor of Veedol branded products. “Our goal is to raise awareness of this historic brand which was well supported here in Canada, and to restore it as one of Canada’s top brands of lubricants.”

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