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News   September 22, 2005   by Auto Service World

Valeo Predicts Camless Engines by 2009

OEM parts supplier Valeo has presented its latest technology for reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions by 20% using an engine cylinder head design that adopts Smart Valve Actuation (SVA) in place of the conventional mechanical operation of engine valves by the cam belt, camshaft and hydraulic cam followers.
“SVA is the first of many innovative systems that Valeo intends to actively develop and market in order to meet increasing demand for reduced fuel consumption and pollutant emissions following the recent acquisition of Johnson Controls’ Engine Electronics Division. Engine management and power electronics are now core technologies for the Group which will drive strong future growth,” said Valeo Chairman and CEO Thierry Morin.
In a camless engine, each engine valve is operated individually by an actuator that is placed on the upper surface of the cylinder head, directly above the valve guides. Each actuator is linked to an engine-mounted Valve Control Unit (VCU) that ensures the optimal positioning of all valves and performs the power drive function.
By controlling residual gases, minimizing pumping losses and deactivating cylinders and valves, this environmentally friendly technology reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissions by 20%. Consumers will also benefit from enhanced performance and driving comfort, due to an increase in low-end engine torque.
Valeo declares that the SVA development program is currently being undertaken with support from several leading car manufacturers and is scheduled for volume production in 2009.

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