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News   June 24, 2003   by Auto Service World

Urgent Transportation of Dangerous Goods Advisory Issued

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada has issued an urgent advisory to members shipping batteries.
According to Transport Canada, batteries cannot be shipped under the limited quantities exemption, as had been previously thought. They can however be shipped using the 500kg exemption.
For limited quantities a dangerous good must comply with schedule 1 column 6 of the new TDG Clear Language Regulations. Initially, AIA had understood the figure of 5 designated for batteries to refer to the quantity of acid within the battery. However, under the current regulations a battery is counted as a solid, which means the 5, refers to 5kg. Any battery weighing more than 5kg cannot be shipped as a limited quantity.
Batteries weighing 5-30 kg each (which covers most automotive batteries), in a total shipment weighing less than 500kg, can be shipped under the 500kg exemption. This means that shippers will need to provide documentation. The documentation must include:
1. Product Class (Batteries wet filled with acid or alkali are class 8)
2. Number of means of containment must be indicated for each primary class
e.g. Class 8 Number of means of containment 2

In addition:
– Dangerous safety marks must be displayed on each package.
– The driver must be trained.

The association has notified Transport Canada of the burden placed on our industry with the 5kg restriction. In response, Transport Canada has indicated that they will work, in cooperation with AIA, towards a revision of this limitation.

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