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News   January 10, 2003   by Auto Service World

Unleaded High-Octane Racing Fuel Named Official Fuel for Racing Association

The F4 100 Racing Fuel, from a Green Star Products, Inc. associated company, has been named has the official fuel for the Baby Grand Stock Car Association.
The Baby Grands use the new Yamaha XJR1300 engine, and when this power plant is combined with the Winter’s Quick Change rear end, the Baby Grands can achieve speeds exceeding 220 km/h.
The 2003 Baby Grand Racing Series is a 40-week racing season with up to 300 cars in participation at more than 80 paved tracks across the U.S and western Canada.
The F4 100 Racing Fuel was chosen because “dynamometer testing of the F4 Racing Fuel on a Yamaha XJR1300 engine exhibited an increase of over 10% in horse power and ran cooler when tested against other leading racing fuels,” said Lee Minton, general manager of F4 Racing Fuels. He further stated, “F4 Racing Fuels markets only unleaded, environmentally friendly racing fuels, which have a high octane rating of 100 and 110 octane. Most racing fuels still contain significant amounts of lead.”
Baby Grand Stock Cars are quality-built, 2/3-scale replicas of a Winston Cup stock car. Each car’s weight of approx. 1,250 lbs., combined with the Yamaha engine, produces a 10:1 power to weight ratio.
Racing is divided by geographic regions, but several National Events are scheduled throughout the year.

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