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News   March 10, 2010   by SSGM.COM

U.S. Investigators to Look Into Runaway Prius

In what can only be seen as more unwanted bad news for the embattled Toyota Motor Corp., U.S. safety regulators have announced they are sending teams to look over a Prius that sped out of control on a California highway.

According to Reuters U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LeHood said investigators from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were going to San Diego, California to inspect the vehicle and talk to the shaken driver, James Sikes. Mr. Sikes told police, who managed to help him bring the runaway car to a halt, that the Prius he was driving had surged out of control after he accelerated to pass another vehicle on the road. According to Mr. Sikes, his car seemed to jolt to a higher speed by itself and he was unable to stop it even when he applied the brakes.

For 20 minutes, Mr. Sikes found himself traveling a high speed for nearly 30 miles along the freeway. He managed to call 911 which dispatched a highway patrol officer who was able to instruct Mr. Sikes to apply the foot and emergency brakes together and to then turn off the engine which slowed and then stopped the Prius

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