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News   July 20, 2004   by Auto Service World

U.S. Consumers Not Replacing Parts Often Enough for Maximum Performance

U.S. consumers are replacing vital parts and fluids in their vehicles, but not as regularly as needed to keep the vehicles running in top condition, according to the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA).
"Replacement Rates of U.S. Automotive Parts," AASA’s annual pocket guide and the industry’s single source for tracking service jobs, shows an increase in nearly all of the 84 parts categories. Despite the increase, the replacement rates are not being performed as regularly as necessary, noted Frank Hampshire, AASA director of market research.
"Today’s vehicles are equipped with computers designed to adjust the vehicle’s systems to keep it running cleanly and efficiently," Hampshire said. "But the computer cannot make the proper adjustments if parts and fluids are not replaced as specified by the automaker, ultimately affecting the vehicle’s performance and gas mileage."
"Replacement Rates of U.S. Automotive Parts" 2004 offers a pocket guide to 84 service jobs from air conditioning repairs to wiper blade replacement. The handy card shows the percentage of private vehicles receiving specified maintenance. As much as five years of historical trends is shown in the table, when the data is available.
Additional copies of the card are available to AASA member companies for $10 U.S. each and $50 U.S. for nonmembers. Volume discounts are available. Orders can be placed by e-mailing

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