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News   March 14, 2007   by Auto Service World

Turbo Hybrids?

Turbodyne Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has updated the design of its Turbodyne TurboFlow electronic air injection system for hybrid engine applications.
According to Al Case, CEO, “It’s clear that hybrid vehicle production is experiencing significant growth. The biggest challenge is maximizing engine output while maintaining fuel economy. That’s where the opportunity lies for the Turbodyne TurboFlow air injection system.”
The Turbodyne TurboFlow air injection system uses an electric motor instead of mechanical linkages to run an air compressor injecting air into an engine system.
Eliminating the direct mechanical coupling for a super- or turbo-charger avoids engine power reduction (supercharger) or lack of take-off power (turbo-lag).
Hybrid vehicles have electricity in abundance compared with traditional vehicles.
The Turbodyne TurboFlow design uses this abundance to provide significant amounts of air-on-demand.
Because the Turbodyne TurboFlow system can run independently of the engine it can be used throughout a driving cycle.
The Turbodyne TurboFlow can inject air into small displacement (sub-2000 cc engines), ideal for hybrids, in situations where either power takeoff would drain too much power, or exhaust gas pressure would be insufficient.
According to Arnold W. Kwong, vice president of research and manufacturing, “Three examples where small-engine vehicles have tough demands are highway passing, freeway on ramps, and leaving a red light.
“For these situations high demands on electrical drives, mechanical turbo-lag, and supercharger power losses are all difficulties for vehicle designers.
“The responsiveness of the Turbodyne TurboFlow system means a surge of power, even for small-displacement engines and hybrids.
“The ‘smart controller’ approach of the Turbodyne TurboFlow enables air-on-demand air injection for vehicle designers.
“Air-on-demand means that fuel-engines can be sized for minimum weight in addition to improving driving cycle performance.”
“According to the J.D. Power and Associates US Hybrid Sales Forecast for the 4th Quarter 2006, total unit volume of Hybrid Vehicle sales in the US is expected to grow to 854,000 units or 4.9% of the total US market by 2011.
We forecast that 50% of the hybrid vehicles will be equipped with new versions of air induction systems. This represents a substantial opportunity for Turbodyne,” says Case
Turbodyne Technologies, Inc. is a California-based developer of patented electrically powered air movement and propulsion components that are engineered to promote lower fuel consumption and address higher emission standards for hybrid, gas and diesel internal combustion engines.

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