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Feature   January 1, 2000   by Auto Service World

Truck Shock Valved for Comfort and Control

Usually ride control additions for trucks promote increased load carrying, off-road performance, etc. Monroe’s Reflex is the first to talk about improving on-road performance in terms of control and comfort. Because shock absorbers are velocity-sensitive devices, the faster they are actuated the more damping force or firmness they have, increasing control but decreasing comfort. Reflex shock absorber valving systems work in compression when encountering bumps, emergency maneuvers and cornering to switch from firm to soft damping, so that stability is maintained without cutting back on comfort. The shock absorber works with a release or reflex action to momentarily release the damping force upon hitting bumps, resulting in a greater sense of security and increased control, and a more comfortable ride. Contact: Tenneco Automotive, 1005 Skyview Dr., Burlington, ON L7P 5B1.

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